Let the Summer Fun Begin!

Summer is finally here! For most people, summer means more time outdoors, enjoying parks, cafes, backyard BBQs, and just relaxing. Invisible aligners make your life so much more relaxing than it would be with traditional braces.  


To many people, summer isn’t summer without a BBQ. Barbecues make for great outdoor activities for the whole family or with friends. When you wear invisible aligners, no great-tasting BBQ food is off-limits, as some would be with traditional braces. Just make sure you always remove your aligners before eating, and brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in.

If the weather isn’t too hot for your liking, you can go hiking! Take take lots of water, and you can even pack some food so that you can eat your lunch by a lake. Remember to rinse your teeth after you snack, and put your aligners in your SnapCorrect hard case. Take some outdoor selfies to show off your smile!

Summer is also the perfect time to travel! It’s fun to get out of town for a month, or a week, or even just a couple of days. Make sure to bring your next set of aligners with you, just in case you need them during your trip.

With the amount of fun activities you can plan, you can keep smiling throughout the summer! And by the end, you will be closer to having the smile you have always wanted!

Camping with Aligners


Summer is a favorite time of year for those who love camping. And it’s still fun when you’re straightening your teeth! Here are some tips and tricks to camping with aligners!


Brush your Teeth: Camping Style

It is too easy to forget to brush your teeth while in the woods, but keeping your teeth sparkly-clean during aligner treatment is a must. Thankfully, the absence of a sink doesn’t have to keep you from brushing your teeth.

We suggest bringing a small travel-sized toothbrush (they usually come with their own handy protective case), floss, and mini toothpaste. Have a bottle of water handy for rinsing. Finishing your meal and brushing your teeth before nightfall will keep you from having to search for your toothbrush in the dark with your flashlight.


Keep the Next Set of Aligners in a Safe Place

You never know if something might happen to your aligners, so you may want to take the next set with you. Keep it in a hard case somewhere safe where you will know where to find it.


Have Fun!

Remember, you can leave the aligners off for up to 4 hours total per day, so you can still take your time enjoying a cup of coffee by the campfire. Just make sure to brush your teeth and put your aligners back in when you’re done.

If you want to avoid the temptation of munching by the fire throughout the day, you can always take the opportunity to go for hikes, or go swimming!


With SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners, you can straighten your teeth while camping, with none of the hassle of braces! You can have just as much fun this summer and also get closer to having the smile you’ve always wanted!

Add your Perfect Smile to your Wedding Plans


If you are reading this, you may be one of several brides, grooms, or even bridesmaids, best men or wedding guests, who wants to look and feel your best at a wedding. You are already putting effort into finding the right wedding photographer and the perfect outfit, and now it’s time to plan the perfect smile!

Even if you don’t have a wedding date set, or your wedding is a year from now, it is never too early to start smiling!

-Our Impression Kit is shipped to you in 1-2 days, so you can finish the impressions part of the process quickly, but it is still important to allow for extra time for the rest of the process. It takes at least 2 weeks to create your Treatment Plan, and another 2-4 weeks to make the aligners. If you have questions about your Treatment Plan, that may add time before the aligners are made.

-The average treatment time is around 10 months, and ideally, you will want to be past the first few months of wearing the aftercare retainer, so that you can leave it off for the wedding festivities without worrying about misplacing it.

Planning a wedding may take some work, but you are ultimately rewarded with one of the best days of your life, and great wedding photos to look back on for years to come. Add your perfect smile to your wedding plans with SnapCorrect today!

What Makes SnapCorrect Customer Service Outstanding!

Our Customer Smile Experts Rock!


Here is a recent testimonial from a real customer:

“I have had the absolute pleasure of having my case handled by Kendall. I worked so hard, but just couldn’t get [my impressions] right. Kendall was so supportive, … we [took photos] of the impressions before [sending them in]. When Kendall sent me that “life changing” email that we “got em,” I was elated beyond belief. Kendall never gave up on me. She always spoke to me personally. This woman went so far and beyond ANYONE, my mind was blown. Now, that I’m in treatment, she is STILL taking care of me. You guys have a real winner on your hands!”

Natasha N. 


Yes, you are talking to real people when you contact us!

We are SnapCorrect’s Smile Experts, and we are real people working in our Vancouver, Washington headquarters. When you call us, you will hear a brief message, and your call goes through to us right away. You will never spend a long time on hold talking to phone robots!


We call you back!

If we are busy assisting other customers, your missed call is logged in our system, and will be returned promptly. It is our policy to return all missed calls. If you contact us outside of business hours, you will receive a phone call from us during the following business day.


Your emails are returned promptly!

Most emails receive a response within one business day. If it has been 2-3 business days and you have not received a response, please reach out to us again, because we may not have received your email. Sometimes the cyber-gremlins get your emails! (Actually sometimes email providers filter out our responses thinking they are spam). So please feel free to call or email us again.


We are here to help!

We are more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Here are a few more quotes from happy customers:

“So far so good, love them!! I am almost halfway through. Customer Service is great.” – Paige

“I Love SnapCorrect!! Got my aligners last Thursday and I can’t wait until I start seeing results! I recommend this company, best customer service ever!” – Megan

“My friends have always been amazed at what deals I’ve found on high quality items through the years. I myself believe this is by far my best purchase ever! Thank you so so much SnapCorrect team!” –Benjamin


What you can Eat to Keep your Teeth White

Whitening your teeth with the SnapWhite™ whitening kit and Daily White™ Fusion™ that comes with your aligners is a great way to whiten your smile, but what can you do to help your new smile stay pearly white?

Oddly enough, the food you eat may stain your teeth, or keep them stain-free. Let’s take a look at some foods that keep your teeth clear of stains.


Apples and Pears

Fruits that contain fiber clean the teeth when they brush up against the surface of the tooth, and they increase saliva flow, which also helps your teeth stay clean. They freshen breath, too!



Not only are they healthy, but they contain malic acid, which whitens the teeth. They do not penetrate the enamel to provide long-lasting whitening results, but they do help your teeth stay white in the short-term if you eat enough of them.


Consuming these items is no substitute for cleaning your teeth, and certainly won’t have the lasting results that the whitening products that come with your aligners will, but they are recommended for anyone hoping to fight stains. Just remember to brush your teeth after eating these, especially before putting your aligners back in, because fruits are loaded with sugar, which you don’t want sticking around!


Now that we have talked about some foods you can eat to fight stains, here are some consumables that it is best to avoid, or enjoy in moderation.


Citrus Fruits

Oranges and grapefruit may be healthy for the body, but the same is not true for the teeth. The citric acid in these fruits erode your enamel, making it easier for stains to set in.

Drinking your orange or grapefruit juice with a to-go lid or a straw will help minimize the amount of citric-acid-filled juice that makes contact with your teeth.


Coffee and Tea

It is no secret that coffee and tea stain the teeth. However, coffee also makes any acidic foods you eat afterwards damage your teeth more than they would otherwise. Tea actually stains teeth more than coffee, and even an herbal tea can do damage.

If you are a tea or coffee drinker, use a to-go lid.


Be sure to enjoy these items in moderation, brush your teeth right away, and use a to-go lid for your coffee. Even with a to-go lid, take your aligners out before enjoying hot beverages.

What Makes SnapCorrect different?

There are plenty of reasons to straighten your teeth with SnapCorrect.

You simply send us the impressions of your teeth from the comfort of your home, our team of professional dentists and orthodontists create your Treatment Plan, and we send the aligners to you at an affordable price.


But beyond the basics of our process, our aligners have many qualities that set them apart:


Truly Invisible and Easy to Snap in Place

SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners are the clearest out there! We use high quality, BPA-free and Latex-free, medical grade plastics to create your aligners, and we use superior technology to make the aligners clearer and more snug-fitting than they would be if they were 3D-printed.

Our aligners also do not need attachments. You can snap them in and take them out. It’s that easy!


Superior Alignment

Our innovative SnapCorrect aligners move all of your teeth, including your molars (with the exception of wisdom teeth). This does not mean that every molar will be moved in every case, but it does mean that if your case allows it, we do have the ability to do so, giving you the best smile out there!


One Easy Price – Retainers included!

Unlike most in-office treatments, we have one low price and do not charge more for longer treatments. So even if your treatment time is longer than average, you still only pay our one affordable price. We also include your first set of aftercare retainers for free, saving you even more!


We Send All of your Aligners at Once

All of the aligners are made at once, and we send all of them to you in one shipment, even if you are taking advantage of our financing process through Affirm and paying monthly. This way, you do not need to worry about when your next aligners are being shipped.


Whitening Products

Our aligners come with a bottle of Daily White™ Fusion™ whitening foam, and a SnapWhite™ whitening kit complete with trays, an LED light, and a coupon for free whitening gels for life.


Straightening your teeth can be easy, and even fun! Our SnapCorrect invisible aligners are simple to use, and come with great whitening products.

Get a straighter, whiter smile at an affordable price, all from the comfort of your home!

Aligners are Not Just for Kids and Teens

One in five orthodontic patients is an adult, because now that traditional braces are not the only option, more and more adults are straightening their teeth, no matter their age. Even if you have had braces in the past, teeth are constantly shifting, and adults of any age may be considering orthodontic treatment, especially using ‘invisible braces’, for several reasons.



Career opportunities are increased when one appears confident, and a great smile and straight teeth add to a great first impression. People who spend more time smiling become happier as well, because the very act of smiling tells your brain to feel happy. And those with great teeth smile the most.


Extractions cause More Shifting

When a tooth is pulled, and no implant is put in, teeth start shifting more, in order to fill the gap. With age, adults are more and more likely to be missing at least one tooth, and unless an implant is placed or a retainer is worn regularly, some shifting will occur. Invisible aligners are a great way to get your teeth ready for an implant or to align them in their current position.


Medical Reasons

Straightening teeth at any age can help prevent cavities, broken teeth, tooth decay, and even heart disease by making it easier to brush and floss properly. Some SnapCorrect customers have straightened their smiles to relieve crowding that gave them headaches.


It’s not just kids and teens who need to straighten their teeth. Your teeth can shift at any time, especially if you have worn braces in the past. SnapCorrect’s Truly Invisible Aligners are a great option for adults because they are clear, can be removed while eating, and the treatment time is much shorter and more affordable than it would be with braces. You don’t have to be a child getting their braces removed to love your new smile!

When to Consider Aligners for Kids and Teens

Though there is no age limit for our SnapCorrect™ Truly Invisible Aligners™, age sometimes does need to be taken into consideration when creating a new smile, particularly when the patient is young.



If you are considering aligners for your kids, remember that all adult teeth have to have emerged. The last adult molar does not typically come in until age 12, sometimes later, so even if your child is  13 or 14 years old, you should check with your regular dentist to make sure that all 4 adult back molars have completely emerged before doing their impressions.


Teens and Young Adults

Another reason to take age into account is wisdom teeth that may still need to emerge. Most wisdom teeth come in during one’s late teens or early 20s. If you fit into this age bracket and have not had all four wisdom teeth come in, get x-rays done to make sure you don’t have any wisdom teeth that could come down during treatment.


If you have all of your adult teeth, and your wisdom teeth have either emerged already or you dentist has assured you that they won’t come down during treatment, you don’t need to worry. Using clear aligners for your teeth is a great alternative to braces, even for teens. Your classmates will be surprised if you tell them you are wearing braces!

Whitening your Teeth During Treatment

Did you know that there are three different whitening products involved in our aligner treatment? By straightening your teeth with our SnapCorrect™ Truly Invisible Aligners™, you also get a great deal on teeth whitening!


-By taking our online assessment, you are given the opportunity to receive an exclusive free whitening pen. This pen is mostly meant for touch-ups, and has a brush tip that paints whitening gel onto your teeth.


-Your aligners come with a bottle of Daily White™ Fusion™ whitening foam, which is used similarly to toothpaste. Put some onto a toothbrush and brush your teeth with it, and your pearly whites will shine brighter. The foam works great for keeping your aligners clean and clear, as well!

Additional bottles are available for purchase, so call us to place an order any time you need more!


– You have probably heard that we offer free whitening gels for life. Your SnapWhite™ whitening kit is also included with your aligner treatment, and it comes with instructions on how to use your free gel coupon.

We recommend finishing the aligner treatment before using the whitening gels, as it is much nicer to have whitening trays molded to your nice new smile, and this whitening process could involve leaving your aligners off longer than recommended. But once your aligner treatment is finished, you will have a bright white smile if you use the whitening treatment twice a year.


With our aligner treatment, you will not only straighten your teeth, but whiten them as well. Especially with all three whitening products, your teeth will shine a brighter white and add to your beautiful new smile!

Make a Good Impression with the Right Tray Size

Because we have three different sizes of impression tray, you may be wondering how you know what the right size is for you.

The standard size we send is #2 (large) for the upper teeth, and #4 (medium) for the lower teeth, but while this is the correct size for most people, some may need a different size for the upper, lower, or both.


Try the trays without any putty first.

-Your teeth should fit inside the trays, without your teeth touching the sides of the trays. There should be room on all sides of your teeth.

-Make sure that your back teeth do not extend beyond the end of the tray.

-Make sure that the front teeth still have some room and are not touching the front of the tray.


Impression trays are supposed to feel big.

After all, they need to fit all of your teeth, without the teeth touching the edges. Some discomfort is normal, but they should still be able to fit into your mouth. If you can close your mouth with the tray in, it’s too small.

If you can’t get them into your mouth, even while stretching your lips and cheeks with your hands (most people do have to do that for a correct fit), contact us to get a different size.